We provide a complete package, from project design to custom-built features to final installation. Oregon Bath and Kitchen employs many of its own crews to help eliminate unnecessary delays caused by subcontractors and their schedules.

Brooklake Cabinets are designed and built to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. A custom woodworking shop, filled with the latest state-of- the-art equipment and highly trained and skilled craftsmen, enables us to produce each cabinet to exact specifications. Our facility maintains the highest level of efficiency and minimal waste associated with production cabinet shops, while constructing custom designs of superior quality. We are committed to the environment and your desire for elegant but strong woodwork. To these ends, our wood cabinetry is completed with several coats of low VOC finish that is more durable than a typical lacquer finish. By giving customers every possible choice in features of convenience, durability, and style, we make cabinets to stand the test of time, offering many years of use and enjoyment.

Construction Services

Project Design & Planning
Removal & Framing Changes
Plumbing & Electrical
Drywall & Painting
Custom-built Cabinets by OBK
Countertops & Flooring
Tile and Natural Stone Products
Doors, Windows & Trim Moulding

Our product line emphasizes quality, reliability, and appearance.

Personal Service
Your sales representative will be there to assist you from start to finish.

Every member of our sales/design team has extensive experience in all aspects of remodeling and installation.